I Was Front Row to a Stadium Concert!


Well…kinda…it was the 8th row. But still!! For someone who usually gets a “reasonably” priced ticket, this moment in my life was mind blowing. So let me start from the beginning…

Back in May (or the beginning of June, I honestly cannot remember), I made a spontaneous decision to buy two tickets: one to Boulevardia and the other to see Kesha & Macklemore perform live at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City. I through a reasonable about caution to the wind and said “Why not?!” Boulevard’s ticket was a General Admission ticket, so it was one flat price for any “seat” and to all of the fun. Now, when I purchased the ticket to Kesha & Macklemore the Sprint Center ticket website had version of finding a seat where you can check a box that stated, “Best Price for Best Seat.” So I clicked it. Little did I know…. I had ended up buying Row 8, Seat 7 spot on the floor. I knew I had a bought a floor ticket, but I did not know how far back I was going to be or where on the floor this random ticket I just bought was going to place me. I just rolled with it.

The night of the concert, put my moped polo on and headed for downtown KC. This was another new experience for me. I have never been to a concert by myself. Typically, you get together with a group of friends to go and you have good time jamming out to the artists favorite songs. So going to a stadium concert by myself had me slightly anxious at first. But I rolled with it. I signed up for this when I created my mantra “Summer of Yes” for the summer.

I get to the Sprint Center, I am allowed access to the building, I grab a quick bite to eat and head for my where I guessed my seat was going to be. I get down to the floor, and the employees working the floor asked for my ticket and began to walk me to my seat. Except…they kept walking me closer and closer…and closer to the front of the stage. At one point I almost said “Ma’am, I think you’re going the wrong way.” But, she was right. I was up front and right in the middle for “The Adventures of Kesha & Macklemore”!!!

My mind was blown.

My mouth was on the ground.

And I was now very very excited!

Any nerves I had about being there flew out the nearest window at that point. I was 100% ready to have this experience.


The concert began and honestly, it all become quite a blur. There are some moments that I do remember; like the almost excessive amounts of confetti that fell on me throughout the night, or signing along to my favorite songs by Kesha & Macklemore as loud as I could.


But I think the one thing I am taking away from that whole night is how intimate the night became for me. For me, never having this experience before of being so close to artists I enjoyed, I felt very drawn into the music and the performance. And I never would have felt all of this (even a couple weeks later) if I didn’t decide to be spontaneous.

I said this on my social media the day after the performance and I will say it hear:  Never underestimate the power of blind spontaneity, it might just land you front and center to the Kesha & Macklemore concert. 😀



I Went to My First Music Festival

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That pretty much sums my first weekend. Okay, cool, goodnight ;P

With my initiation of the “Summer of Yes” under way, an opportunity arose to go enjoy a day full of food, beer, and music. Boulevardia is a music festival in Kansas City, this was its fifth year, and I have to say…it was an absolute blast!!!

I had no expectations at all about what to expect or what the day would hold for me. I really just dived into the day trying to just whatever the day had planned for me, take me wherever it would. The best part about vlogging your experiences, is all you really need is your phone. I have learned our smartphones have such a powerful camera in them. So we all have the chance to share moments in our lives through those cameras. And so, I took that opportunity. Here are the two videos that came out of that day:

Life in B-Roll (#1)

Adam Goes to a Music Festival

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Making the effort to actually live in the moment, be aware of the environment you’re in, and just enjoy your life can drastically change how you go throughout your day. It did for me. I got to experience so many wonderful things at Boulevardia. From the amazing BBQ, to the delicious Boulevard beer, and through all of the amazing music. For real, I heard so much good music on Saturday!! It really lengthened the list of music I will be listening to this summer.

I definitely would have regretted not going to Boulevardia this weekend. Leading up to the event, it would have been so easy for me to chose not to go: I would be going by myself, its an hour drive there and back, its going to be hot, you will be alone so you will get bored quickly, they went on and on. And at the end of it all…it was just several excuses that only stop me from being happy living my life.

So actively choosing to say yes, made a world of a difference for me. And I hope that others only get to have that chance as well! 😀


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Obstacle Course Racing + YouTube

Update: This past Saturday I covered myself in mud. And yes, it was by choice.

I attended the Warrior Dash for the Kansas City area this weekend. It was an absolute blast! I arrived at the course after taking a bumpy ride through some backroad. The entrance to the event was in the same area as the finish line for the course. So from the get-go I had a proper idea of what I was getting myself into that afternoon.

Rewinding for a second, I love obstacle course races. Until about a year and a half ago, I never considered myself into any kind of physical activity. EVER. But, once I began working out and living a healthier lifestyle I came to the conclusion that to keep myself accountable I should be doing stuff! And I didn’t want it to be just a 5k or a fun afternoon outside somewhere. I wanted goals, and I wanted to see how I far pass the goal I could go. So I did a Rugged Maniac and I loved it. Unfortunately, because I jumped on the OCR train too late into the season of races there were not many left for me to sign up for. So I waited for this summer to sign up for the Warrior Dash.

Running the course was a lot of fun. It was definitely an easier course than the Rugged Maniac. Partly because there were less obstacles but also because I saw an improvement between the fall and the beginning of this summer. One improvement was that I was able to run the entire course. I would run up to the obstacle, complete, and then continue on running to next one. And if I am being completely honest (because my ego really wants to boast right now), it gave me some joy knowing that other people who were bragging at the start of the finish line looked absolutely dumbfounded when I passed them halfway through the course. 😉

It was all fun and games….until after you cross the finish line. So the last obstacle of the Warrior Dash is crawling through large pit of mud. Now this isn’t watered down mud, this is the kind of mud that sticks to you and finds its way onto every corner of your body. Fortunately, there are hoses that are available to clean off the excess mud before you head home to take a real shower.

Well, the two girls in front of me did understand that concept. They spent the better part of 15 minutes making sure all the mud was removed from them. So much so that when I finally received the water hose, there wasn’t any water left. So I moved onto the next line for a hose and when I got to that one, it was also out of water. After that, I decided to stand in the sun for just a little bit longer to let all of the mud dry. So I peeled off as much mud as I could, changed out of racing clothes, grabbed a celebratory beer, and headed home…still somewhat covered in dirt.

But on the way home I grabbed some Buffalo Wild Wings, because when Adam runs an obstacle course race, he treats himself to some chicken wings!

Vlog 1.jpg

Onto the next subject!

As I mentioned last week, I am getting back into the swing of things creatively. And this summer I have titled as the “Summer of Yes.” So I thought one way of doing that would be to vlog parts of my life along with this blog. I created a YouTube channel titled “Average Adam” where I can document moments of my life through film.

Now, I was going to have my first video be about my experience that I just wrote about. But a couple of things happened: a) all the footage of me in front of the camera talking about my day….was out of focus! b) the b-roll footage I took from that day was also lost! So needless to say, my first video was already off to a great start.

However, like in life, I tried to make some lemonade. So I ended filming a rant on my iPhone and uploading. And if I do say so myself, I think I did a pretty good job turning a hot mess into something that kind of represented….something. Despite this week’s video not going according to plan, I do fully intend to post a video every week for the foreseeable future. The link to my first video is below.

YouTube: “Adam Tries to Start a Vlog”

Hope everyone is enjoying life, and I can’t wait to share more of my life with you very soon! 😀


Oh hello….

Long time no see!

Hope you all have been doing well!!

I want to start off for apologizing. I don’t know why I feel the need to apologize, I just do. So…I am sorry. I have seen so many subscriptions to this blog lately, and I am frustrated that I have not been posting to this blog for all of these new subscriptions. Because of this, I felt you all deserved an explanation.

After a year of posting and designing, I was hit with some serious doubts in my creative endeavors. More so, I no longer believed in the mission I set out with this blog. I did not believe I was meant to share my creativity with the world. So I put my head down and grind to the 9-to-5-work life thinking that was what was going to make me happy. And it didn’t. I was unhappy because I was forcing my to sacrifice what made me happy. And that was having the opportunity to share me and my creativity with the world. Which up until I have struggling to not be afraid to do.

And then one day I woke up and literally said out loud, “What the hell am I doing?!” Which was followed by an internal monologue where my conscience said, “You are acting like a fool! Get back out there and share with the world things that make you happy. Who cares what everyone else thinks! Do your thing, and that’s all you need to be happy.”

So that is exactly what I am going to do.

So starting, this blog is “under-construction.” This blog served as a place for me to share things that ignited my creativity, and I will continue to do that. But I am going to add to that. Along with pieces written by myself sharing what inspires me, I am also going to add things about my life. Whether that be lengthy blog posts, photography, or videos…I will be sharing my life.

A lot of changes are ahead for me. And while I am very excited for them, I want to take the opportunity to share those moments with all of you. So feel free to join me, or don’t! ;P But if you do, let’s enjoy the ride together. And if you don’t, and if nobody ever reads or sees anything I post…well… lets this blog stand as a reminder of where I began.

Cannot wait to share more with you soon!!! 😀


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Haiku of the Week

The Written Word

The stories we share and the words we use to present thought and content into the world is a lot more powerful than you may think. These things can insight an infinite amount of emotions and insight into the world as well as the people that inhabit it. This concept is by no means new and yet it has taken on different forms over humanities existence.

The evolution of the story is an incredible. Here is to keeping it alive!


Design of the Week – “House of Bravery”

House of Bravery

In honor of the  20th Anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I created a design a banner in homage to my Hogwarts House: Gryffindor!

The amount of words, sentences, and phrases I could use to express my feelings toward this collection of stories is limitless. Since a young age, they have inspired my creativity, taught me valuable lessons, and instilled in me virtues of humanity that I wish to pass on to others in my lifetime. The Harry Potter stories are a huge influence on me as young child and now as an adult. I will cherish them forever.

So congrats to J.K. Rowling and her incredible series on reaching 20 years!


Haiku of the Week

A Friendly Reminder

The haiku this week is loosely inspired by Dear Evan Hansen while also being inspired by the acceptance speech of Ben Platt when he won his Tony for the lead role in this musical. He said something very empowering that is still resonating with me.

“Don’t waste any time trying to be like anybody but yourself, because the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.” – Ben Platt

So in honor of this empowering new quote, here is a haiku reminding you of how amazing you are, to follow your own path through life, and the most authentic version of yourself possible!


Design of the Week – “#found”


This design is a week or so behind because E3 was at the same time as the Tony Awards. But I wanted to make sure this post about my new favorite musical, Dear Evan Hansen. 

It is an incredibly moving and emotional show that may appear easier to write about once you understand the show. However, somehow it is a lot harder than you may think. So here is the synopsis from the official website for the musical:

“A letter that was never meant to be seen, a lie that was never meant to be told, a life he never dreamed he could have. Evan Hansen is about to get the one thing he’s always wanted: a chance to finally fit in.” 

From the compelling characters to the moving music, I was completely enraptured by the show in all its beauty. I could not pass up an opportunity to present a design based on this piece of theater.


Haiku of the Week

Let the Journey Continue

Kingdom Hearts has to be my favorite video game series of all time. Or at least it is up there at the top. I have given a much lengthier post on Kingdom Hearts in a previous design. So I will attempt to not go off on a rant about how amazing this series is.

This series has been around for over 15 years! And this collection of games is far from ending as well. With each year passing, Kingdom Hearts 3 grows more in anticipation. Unfortunately, no date has been selected for release. But as more details emerge, the closer we approach a potential release date.

In honor of my anticipation for this game, here is a haiku.