Design of the Week – “Let the Games Begin!”

Let the Games Begin

Presently, this is one of my favorite week’s out of the year. In fact, I consider it a personal holiday for myself. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), is one of the biggest video game conventions of the year. A time when studios gather to show off what they have planned for the next great video games.

So in honor of the one time a year I completely lose my mind about video games and their advancements. I designed a clash between Microsoft and Sony. Since the two of them always seem to passively “duke it out” at this convention, it seemed fitting to design a clash for my blog. Although, with Nintendo’s Switch now out on the market, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo started gaining some new ground against the other two consoles. (And then maybe update the design.)

So enjoy a week filled with video game announcements, demos, and pure entertainment joy.



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