Design of the Week – “A World Turned Upside Down”

A World Turned Upside Down

Netflix has been a powerhouse of television these past couple of years. House of Cards, one of the first original television programs created for the online streaming service, is one of those “cards” in their powerhouse of original content. A little over a week ago, the 5th season of House of Cards was released. Naturally, I binged my way through the season as quickly as I could. (As I would with any Netflix television show.) And boy, was it an excellent season.

This season did something very intriguing and profound. Unlike other television shows whom will make their points of view on current topics blatant, House of Cards took their time building the foundation for the overarching theme and views they wanted to provide to others. The show subtly presented an intriguing view of the world through the eyes of these corrupted politicians.

For this reason, I decided to name the design “A World Turned Upside Down.” A lyric from the musical Hamilton is uttered proceeding the final battle of the revolutionary war. Now in connection to House of Cards, I chose this title because of the decisions being made. The leaders of the American public in this film are not always necessarily making the right choices. And in connection with the show’s logo, the world is turning into an “upside down” version of our reality. Mirroring a landscape slightly similar to our own.

This show always leaves me baffled and with my mouth open as I gasp for more following the cliff hanger finales each season brings. So go grab a bottle of wine, some popcorn, and go enjoy a nice binge session on Netflix!



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