Design of the Week – “An Exploration of a Character’s Essence V.II”

An Exploration of a Character's Essence V.II

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to dive into a character that is a unique form of motherhood. Lorelai Gilmore, the titular character of the hit television show Gilmore Girls is witty and quick-worded mother who at the age of 16 gave birth to a daughter that was in her own likeness. I do believe she is an excellent example of strong independent women and powerful modern day motherhood.

She has a vibrant and colorful personality that matches the seasons in a year. Blue for winter, pink for spring, green for summer, and orange for fall. So I decided to associate these colors with their respected season and with the essence of the character know as Lorelai.

No mater whom the character may be, I will always be inspired by the characters I read, watch and here about. They are fascinating reflections of the world around us and the people that fill.



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