Design of the Week – “Nova Minimal”


Happy Tuesday Inter-webs!

Another week, another design!

This week, in connection with the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opening in a couple weeks. I chose to design something from the Marvel Comic-verse of a character I enjoyed reading when I first started reading comics. His name is Nova. He is from the cosmic side of their world of superheroes, and a slightly lesser known hero. But in recent years, the character has gained some popularity having his own story-line, team-up stories, as well as a version a cartoon show as well.

I think the reason I was so drawn to the character originally was because I like the idea that someone could find a helmet, put it on, and become something greater than themselves (through no fault of their own).  And then (like many superheroes), chose to do something great with their powers.

So since his helmet is where he draws his power from, I chose that as the center for this week’s design. It was refreshing to make this week’s design because it did not seem forced whatsoever in forcing creation. I enjoyed it so much, I may even start a series of these as well!



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