“An Exploration of a Character’s Essence (v.I)”

An Exploration of a Character's Essence

Whether they are from a novel or film, or they could even be a non-fictional, finding the most simplistic way to define a character will help tell a more meaningful story. To accomplish this task, the characters must follow a path and experience a series of moments that lead to a defining moment in their lives that defines them for the rest of their lives.

I think about these things often when I reflect on a book I read or a film I just recently watched. And the other day I was thinking about finding a simple way to transfer those themes and metaphors into a visualization. Thus, this concept was formed.

An Exploration of a Character’s Essence will be a series of reflections and comments on the journey a character takes through their story. For my first exploration, I started off with a character I know very well. Harry Potter.

At the center of his story, Harry battles the fight between the courage of goodness and the temptation of darkness. So what more of a perfect way to represent that in colors than through the colors of the houses that represent both good and bad. The colors of the houses Gryffindor and Slytherin clashing against each other worked out so well.

Each character’s essence and journey is unique. And so, I am very excited to explore and develop more and expand my creative endeavors.



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