Design of the Week – “A Hero’s Path”


March begins tomorrow. And while I am excited to see the beginning changes from winter to spring, March in my opinion also holds another important starting line. It is the beginning of a year-long slew of films that will wow us week-by-week. In my mind, Blockbuster season starts this weekend. The first film that is up is Logan.

The third standalone film for the “Wolverine” franchise, and the final performance from Hugh Jackman as the titular character. After playing this character for 17 years, I am expecting a proper send-off for him. The X-Men films were the first superhero films I ever saw as a kid(they were also the only superhero movies out at the time). And watching as these films rised, flubbed, and made a come-back I still admire this franchise. As much as I would love to see the X-Men mix it up with the other Marvel characters, I am confident yet again in the studios plans for the this franchise.

The film Logan receives its inspiration from the comic story Old-Man Logan. Where we find Logan far in the future in his final days of living. This is the perfect story to end Hugh Jackman’s career and bring his version of Wolverine full circle.

The film is rated-R and rightfully so. The character of Wolverine in the comics is known for his violence and large quantities of blog that follows him. And I am thrilled to potentially see that translate over to film.

And so, in excitement for this film I created the design above. It is titled “A Hero’s Path” because Logan/Wolverine’s journey has left a lot of blood in his wake. And with each film, the pool of blood rises. That is what I tried to emulate in this design.

I’m hopeful for this film and excited to see what outcome occurs.



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