Haiku of the Week


Recently, a friend and I have been into this game called “Stardew Valley.” The premise of the game is that after the passing of your grandfather, you inherit his old farm. Deciding to leave the city, you move to this farm to begin a new life.

It is a fun little game that reminds me of my days playing Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon on the GameCube. Spending your days planting crops, mining, fishing, raising animals, and befriending the local members of the new town you have moved too. The game’s time frame circles around four seasons (28 days each) that make up one year in the game. Each season is unique from the others. With different crops and festivals fill the calendar with multiple challenges and goals to accomplish. The more you explore this game, the more you discover.

So to continue with the “nature” theme this week, I created a Haiku that odes to one of my new favorite video games.




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