Design of the Week – “Vinyl”


I am a huge fan of music. All kinds. I am not particularly picky about the type of music I listen too. Some people see that as a cop-out answer, but I don’t really care. Of course I go through phases of different levels of enjoyment of different genres. (Current Phase: Video Game Orchestration) But my level enjoyment of music, and if I may brag the quality of music I listen too, has never wavered.

Recently (over the course of this past year), I have begun a collection of vinyl music to play. It is covering a variety of genres and ranges from recent music to artists whose albums are decades old now. And that is the great thing about vinyl resurgence right now, is that artists are publishing their music on vinyl as another great medium within the medium.

And that is what is the inspiration for this week’s design, “Vinyl.”

I wanted to create another colorful piece and I wanted it to be fun and enjoyable. And thus, the above design was formed.

Now, I am gonna go back to jamming to my music. Enjoy!



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