Design of the Week – “Sora”


One of my favorite video game series has always been the Kingdom Hearts series. It is a brilliant combination of Disney and video games. Of course beyond those two things the story is compelling and inviting to this creative mind. The concept of taking an ordinary individual and throwing them off onto an extraordinary adventure, and then having them take charge of this grand story that leads them to unexpected worlds. The Kingdom Hearts series is coming up on the completion of its 10+ years story and has me more excited than ever to see the ending of this story that has taken this many years (and multiple video game platforms) to develop.

To continue my series of “Hamilton” inspired posters, I felt Sora was the perfect candidate for the next poster. So I designed it in light of the unique shaped heart and have Sora placed upside down. This is an ordinary position for Sora in many posters and designs of him. I am very satisfied with how it turned out and hope you enjoy it just as much as I have created it.


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