Design of the Week – “The 3rd Season”


Thanksgiving was last week, and with all the amazing food came plenty of television to watch. While my favorite television to watch this weekend is the parade, it was the revival of the “Gilmore Girls” that had me excited. Yes, I am a Gilmore fan. Not ashamed to admit it. Have been one for many years now thanks to my younger sister forcing me to watch it with her and the babysitter. Of course I put up stubborn front, but I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and characters.

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is a perfect addition to the story of these remarkable characters. My family sat down to watch the four-part revival last weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, there was many points during the show fans will be divided about. But in my opinion, the creator Amy Sherman-Palladino stood true to her show and bringing the story full circle.

The revival centers around the four seasons, so of course I decided to draw inspiration for this week’s design from my favorite season and my favorite episode of “A Year in the Life.” I love the fall season: the warm colors, cool weather, and the warm coffee beverages. While I try to equally enjoy the many factors of this season, it is the changing colors of the leaves that always draw my attention. So that was the focal point for this design. Leaves come in a variety of shapes and colors and that is what I wanted to make sure was presented properly.

I am certain at some point that I will create a design for each season. But for now, enjoy!


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