Introducing a New Medium!


Photography was the first form of art that I truly connected with. It is rooted in an unaltered reality that reflects a reality that I exist in. Photography creates lenses into other parts of this reality in which multiple parties can view this reality and vice versa.

I recently had the pleasure of taking a business trip to Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had some free time one afternoon to explore some of the hiking trails near Santa Fe. It was a beautiful afternoon with a sun shining and a clear blue sky. So I put on my headphones and just began to walk. I didn’t have a plan of where I was going or how long I planned to hike. The freedom of exploration mixed with the sounds of Jon Bellion’s album “The Human Condition” created a concoction of a perfect afternoon hike in the wilderness. 

The environment was breathtaking. I found myself stopping and enjoying the view and admiring how the setting sun affected the light of the environment. So much so, that I lost track of time and was almost left out out in the middle of nowhere with no light. Fortunately, I was able to return to civilization in safe time.

So, in the hope of sharing more of my creative reality here is a new medium to share my creative endeavors.



2 thoughts on “Introducing a New Medium!

  1. Adam!
    It’s been a while since I’ve checked out your blog. It’s great to see all of your different designs, haikus, and other compositions. I like how you tie in your experiences from work and other aspects of your life to create awesome things!

    This photo from your hike is gorgeous! Mountains are my favorite thing in nature. How did you like your trip to New Mexico? What was your favorite thing you saw there?


    • Thanks for the comment! Sorry for not seeing it earlier.

      New Mexico was so much fun! The view was spectacular. And the day I went hiking was a really fun day. So I would say that was my favorite part of my trip. Was the spontaneous day where I “went where the wind blew.” Not having that day and evening planned led to a lot of fun for me.


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