Design of the Week – “Woodwind”


Music is one of my favorite areas to draw inspiration. It has always moved me and made me feel great things. Music has even allowed me to generate stories from the melody. Similar to how Disney created the film “Fantasia.”

And just like those short films inspired by music, this piece was designed by the sound of a specific instrument: the clarinet. This woodwind instrument has such a beautiful sound to me that it allowed to create the design seen above. This design represents the sound that is created from the clarinet as plays through a piece. I wanted to visualize how the sound could move through the air. The clarinet has a wide range of sounds and tempos it can reach. And thus, it has been justly represented above.

Music has been apart of many lives, communities, cultures, and eras of time since the beginning of time. It has influenced the world around an infinite number of times from the formation of music into infinite. For as far as I am concerned, humanity has no end and so music will continue to create and inspire. Forever.


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