Design of the Week – “My Patronus”


A while ago, J.K. Rowling released a quiz on Pottermore for you to determine your Patronus charm. So naturally, I had to take the quiz! The Patronus spell is a powerful charms that emits the light and joy from within you. It is produced in the form of a creature that reflects your personality.

I discovered my Patronus is the White Mare.

I did some research on the explanation behind the reasoning for why I was given the White Mare. The content below comes from “Harry Potter Amino.”

“The white mare in mythology and various cultures around the world is often associated with the sun chariot which is a thoroughbred racehorse bred for king George VI that won the fillies triple crown series of races.

The white mare also represents warrior-heroes and fertility and end of time saviors.

White horses have been mytholised to have exceptional powers transcending the normal world, such as Pegasus and the Unicorn.

The horse spirit animal symbolizes personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom.”


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