Design of the Week – “the_robot’s_s0ci3ty”


I’m having another busy week, so I thought I would develop a minimalist design this week.

My work is inspired by relevant things in my life, these things spark my creative spirit. They allow me think differently and view the world and ideas in different ways. For example, the television show “Mr. Robot.” A show so unique and insanely incredible that it (metaphorically) blew my mind, and still does as the second season is under way on the channel USA.

I believe that television has evolved from these prolonged 9 month stories into shorter seasons that concentrate on their characters and main plot points. Because more television shows are being developed like this, better television and better stories are created. As an advocate for television and film, it brings me great joy to watch my craft continue to evolve as I study and learn what it could do in the hope that one day I can create stories and characters that are as compelling (and insane) as the show above.



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