Design of the Week – “Like Father…”

Like Father...


In the week since the release of the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” I have been reflecting upon the new story, characters, and themes presented by the director and playwright. And so, I was moved once again by the adventures going on in the wizarding world.

Reading the script was similar to using a time-turner. I felt as if I was a child again, sitting in my room, reading about Harry Potter as if it was the first time. Except this time the world was a different place, and so was I. I am an adult now and therefore view the world no longer through a child’s point-of-view.  Much like the characters I grew up with, they too also grew up and changed. It was fascinating to read about Harry struggling with his children and his job.

More importantly his relationship with his son, Albus Severus Potter, is constantly challenged as the story progresses. Of course it is the main focus of the play, and thus should not be ignored.

Which is why this piece is titled, “Like Father…”

Human connections are so important, especially between family members. Harry and Albus are more alike than I think either of them would like to believe. Which is why reading (or watching) their conflict unfold and resolve is so moving to me. Both of them did not have exactly the same experiences, but that does not mean they could not empathize with one another.

Personally, the play was a wonderful read over the course of a calm Sunday afternoon. My favorite scene in the whole play was Act 4, Scene 13. (I even choked up a little bit during it.) Please enjoy this piece and the Haiku I have written for this week as well!


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