Design of the Week – “A Tender Touch”

"A Tender Touch"

This week’s design is the third in a series of designs where I take black and white photographs and transform them into something greater. From the creation of this concept I always knew that this photo belonged in this collection of designs. It is a beautiful image of an uncle holding his niece.

The title of this piece is “A Tender Touch.”

When this photo was taken, it was late at night and the child was restless waiting for their parents to return and pick her up. Fortunately, my father has an innate ability of calming small children almost instantly. So in the silence of a beautiful moment, a memory was captured.

In building the design, I wanted the colors to be vibrant with a soothing and warm feel to the imagery. The design reflects more of the feeling and the moment rather than a contrast in thought or action.  For moments like the one above, always call for something special and intimate rather than something loud and noisy.


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